Episode 64

Published on:

15th Apr 2021

Star Citizen

The Two Player Bros take a look at the latest video game news!

Dave gives his final thoughts on Outriders and the Bros talk about the newest Nintendo indie games announcement.

Mike then talks about the most expensive and one of the most controversial games ever to be developed (or developing); Star Citizen. Mike talks about the history of this game, from the creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer, from it's successful Kickstarter in 2012 to it's reports of money and people mismanagement, accusations of vaporware, feature overload, and years long alpha.

After following it's production and drama for years Mike finally bought a $45 pledge ship and jumped into the 'Verse. What Mike found was the bones and structure of an amazing game, maybe the first true sci-fi simulator, but one that is plagued with bugs, unfinished features, and a scale that is to be so large, that it may indeed never be finished. Nevertheless it is an experience that Mike keeps jumping into.

Enjoy the episode and keep on Gaming!!!

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A podcast by two friends who play way too many video games.
A podcast by two friends who play way too many video games. Join Player One (Michael Butler) and Player 2 (Dave Cannon) as they preview and review games coming out for Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, PC, and Vive as well as talk gaming news, tech, and the games of yesteryear in their "Retro Round 2" segments. All in a format like the gaming magazines they grew up reading. So sit back, flip the page, and enjoy 2pB!

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